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HankSter "DigitalWizard" says:

America’s Test Kitchen: Season 2 – Disk 1 I would have given more stars, what is lacking is an INDEX of the contents and WRITTEN recipes. Often they forget to mention quantities on the video, hence the need for the written recipes. You would think they would have been included with the DVD set, without having to join […] to obtain them. Also noticed that not all episodes/recipes shown on […] are not on the DVD’s, see my index below of Disc 1.But, I have learned a lot from the videos, just wish they would have included…

kalyson says:

Great series The shows are excellent. I found the quality of the production to be very good. The recipes are great, the episodes are fun to watch and they are often humorous. I personally would prefer more cooking and less equipment and product taste testing, but that is just a personal preference.[Note: There are no recipes included on these DVD’s – of any season – until Season 9. Season 9 does have recipes. Presumably they will be included in future editions, as well. Clearly they wanted…

Anonymous says:

Great for cooking ideas and love the testing information for future purchases.. I plan to eventually get all the seasons.

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