Foods That Cure Disease

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Anonymous says:

Finally some great recipes that show how to cook for the newbie. I’ve been studying plant based eating, avoidance of meat and processed foods. Ok, I knew what not to eat, but I didn’t know how to cook the healthy alternative. There are a lot of PhD’s out there telling us what is healthy to eat, but this is finally a movie that shows us in great detail how to cook and prepare these healthy foods. He shows you how to prepare the food, how he cuts, chops, simmers and all the great nitty gritty details necessary for me to successfully copy him and cook the same…

Anonymous says:

Great Information This video is packed with great information. I like how it was broken up with cooking but I really want the recipes written down. We have made some but we really want to try them all! Please have a collection of recipes in a book!

Anonymous says:

man-DARE-ee-un oranges! The strangest pronunciation of the word Mandarin that I have ever heard– it was amusing if not a little annoying by the middle of the third hour. I have been eating a plant based diet for over a year, and I have seen nearly every documentary out there on the topic. This one had a strange format: interviews with some of the top names in the field of plant based nutrition interspersed with Mr McMahon cooking some plant based meals. The questions he asked the experts were very routine and common,…

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