Live And Let Live

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Cptn. Ahab says:

A beautiful examination of our relationships with animals — those we choose to love and those we choose to eat. Interweaving six stories of people’s paths to vegan eating, the poignant documentary delves into the ethical, environmental, and health reasons for leaving animals off of our plates. Well-paced and well-rounded, the film even addresses the world hunger and public health issues associated with raising animals for food, and thoughtfully acknowledges that even farm workers are victims too. 

PrusseLiese says:

No horror pictures, but a powerful and moving story A wonderful movie, a powerful message without the shocking images.

David Baumann says:

An important introduction to veganism. “Activism is a fundamental way to fight social injustice”. So begins Live and Let Live, a feature length documentary that looks at our relationships with nonhuman animals, what turns people vegan, and the reasons why we stay vegans. The history of veganism in this film is a great introduction to what this movement means, featuring six short biographies of people who “went vegan” and why, including Peter Singer, Tom Regan, and Gary Francione. Rather than focusing solely…

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