Paldo Jjajangmen Chajang Noodle Vegan No MSG 4-pack

brand new Product Features Paldo Jjajangmen Chajang Noodle Vegan No MSG 4-pack

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  • Paldo Jjajangmen Chajang Noodle Vegan No MSG 4-pack


J. DeCima says:

Way too sweet These do not have the nice deep savory flavor as other instant jjajamen noodles I’ve tried. I suppose it does have a black bean flavor, but the sweetness makes it hard to tell what flavor it’s supposed to be. Also don’t really like the sauce’s consistency. The instructions say to leave 3 tablespoons of water, but the sauce is already so soupy that extra water will just turn this into soup. The sauce puddles to the bottom and the noodles end up looking like beef ramen rather than the dark brown…

Kia says:

Wow!!!! This is so freaking good! Too bad I only got the four pack…they are almost gone :(. It kinda sucks that you have to pay so much for so little…I need to hunt these down somewhere closeby so I can get them for cheaper. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to try out Korean food.

Bluema says:

Too sweet, not like real Jjajangmen. NOPE this does not taste like the real Jjajangmen, and it’s too sweet as if blackstrap molasses had been added to the sauce. I’m disappointed and bought it purely out of curiosity, but won’t repurchase especially at the premium price. This may be more fitting for kids’ sweeter palette, but not for adults who crave the Chungjang taste of genuine Jjajangmen.

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