The Vegetarian

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sb-lynn says:

A very different sort of read; a Kafka-esque tale of a young Korean woman’s descent into madness Brief, summary and review, no spoilers. 


“Stop eating meat, and the world will devour you whole.” This is a taut novella, about 190 pages, divided into 3 parts, written in lapidary precision, evident even in the translation. The first part is told from the husband’s point of view: He watches in horror as his quiet, conventional life is disrupted by his wife’s refusal to eat meat. Her vegetarian lifestyle is prompted at first by a dream, but strengthened by flashbacks of cruelty toward animals that she has witnessed in her childhood. The husband is a scoundrel. He possesses a…

DanD says:

A unique, interesting, unsettling little novel Yeong-hye is a plain ordinary housewife. That’s why her husband married her. But one night, she has a vivid nightmare, and the next day she swears off meat entirely. This decision wreaks drastic changes on her health and family life, with sometimes violent repercussions. 

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